Clinton, Sanders, Trump: Election 2016

Clinton, Sanders, Trump: Election 2016

A numerological analysis of the three protagonists for the 45th Presidency of the United States of America in the 58th Quadrennial election of 2016. An analysis of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump – Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas – who were just two of several people whose mysterious DNC connected deaths prompted an outpouring of suspicion and outrage among the millions of social democratic revolutionaries following Bernie Sanders. Unquestionably, the most contentious, bitterly and deviously fought election in modern history. What did it take to stop a democratic socialist entering the White House? Would the privileged stop at nothing to prevent a collapse of the oligarchy that now rules America?


The Fugitive: Kurt Sonnenfeld

An almost unbelievable story

Man gets charged with murdering his wife of ten years, they don’t have enough evidence to take the case to trial, so they let him go. Go he does. Straight to Argentina, where he fortuitously meets up with a lovely young woman who is active in international humanitarian affairs.

A little over a month later, they marry and produce two beautiful daughters, twin girls, front line in the armament of defense, who join with their mother in calling loudly for the Argentine government to prevent the extradition demands coming from overseas. Yes, the USA has now got their act together and is ready to prosecute and take the case to trial. They are after his ass, and he had better comply and get home ASAP.

But he doesn’t comply. Instead, he comes up with an unbelievable story. Well, an almost unbelievable story, that is. Drawing on his 9/11 service to his country as a photographer for the Federal Emergency Management Agency of the United States –  he declares that he has seen telling things that implicate the United States Government in the 9/11 attacks of 2001.

A numerological analysis of the case and its central players. The Fugitive: Kurt Sonnenfeld

Jonbenet Ramsey: The Home Team

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how unpalatable, how improbable – must be the truth. Sherlock Holmes said something very similar. It was his crime scene maxim. This is the numerological criminal profiling/analysis of the three Ramsey family members: John, Patsy and 9 year old Burke; all of whom were in the home with JonBenet the night the 6 year old child beauty pageant winner was killed sometime during the evening hours after Christmas Day, 1996. Their palatial residence at 755 15th Street, Boulder, Colorado soon became a crime scene, surrounded by “police line do not cross” defining tape. This is also an analysis of JonBenet as well as others who were considered persons of interest and peripheral to the crime: John Mark Karr, Michael Landon Helgoth, Gary Howard Oliva; all residents of Boulder. There is also an analysis of Michael Helgoth’s sister, Kimberly Dawn Helgoth who shares the same grave with her brother Michael, and who passed away one year after he did. Other persons of interest to the case, such as Jeff Merrick, who worked at Access Graphics and named by John Ramsey as a likely suspect, are given limited analysis, since I have not been able to obtain the full names or dates of birth for them. However, even given that limited analysis, some surprising results emerge. The name of the business itself and also the home address are analyzed numerologically for connections to the nature of the crime.    

On Australian Soil – Man Haron Monis Farhad Jabar

It is beyond the comprehension of most people to understand why a young boy, whose parents were given safe harbour in Australia as alleged refugees, who claimed to be escaping and under threat from extremist Islamic ideology and persecution, would then commit a terrorist attack on Australian soil, in the name of those persecutors his family has decried. 15 year old Farhad Jabar, born in Iran, was a naturalized Australian. He immigrated to Australia with his family as a baby. Mon Haron Monis arrived in Australia, also Iranian, and gave his religion as Shari Muslim. He too became a naturalized Australian. In 2014, he became a Sunni Muslim and adopted a fundamentalist extremist religious and political philosophy. Both the 15 year old boy and the 50 year old man were suffering emotionally at the time of their recruitment, but does this mean they were not guilty of terrorism? Can we excuse them on those grounds? A forensic numerological criminal profile of the two males responsible for the terrorist attacks.

On Australian Soil – Man Haron Monis Farhad Jabar


Mormon Sons- Brian Draper Torey Adamcik

ormon Sons – Brian Draper Torey Adamcik

17275701_cover_mormon_sonsWhen the police came for him, Torey declared he knew nothing at all about it. The good Mormon boy was quick to point out that he had seen marijuana paraphernalia inside the home, located in a “smoking room”. What he failed to mention was that he and his Mormon friend Brian had stabbed the homeowner’s niece to death, with 29 horrific plunges from the arsenal of knives they had bought especially for the occasion. She had wanted to be an attorney, they were obsessed with horror films. They had big plans to be film actors, directors or …….whatever. So, they wrote their own film script with 16 year old Cassie as the star. She was perfect for the role, they said. Long dark hair, parted down the middle. Ted Bundy would have loved her. He was their idol. They wanted to be famous, just like him. Their big mistake lay in filming their masterpiece. It earned them the biggest award for any movie ever made by juveniles, a prison term of life without parole in the Idaho Correctional Centre.

A Family Tragedy: Murder of Addison Weaver

A Family Tragedy: Murder of Addison Weaver

Emile Weaver, an intelligent and pretty 20 year old student who got where she was going in life due to talent, not wealth, “found herself in the family way” as they used to say in whispered undertones during the 1950’s. For Emile, the coming unwanted baby spelled the end to all her dreams at Muskingum University where she resided in prestigious style in the Delta Gamma Theta sorority house. Ohio has a Safe Haven law allowing mothers to leave their babies with on-duty representatives at a hospital, police station or fire station within 30 days of birth. At the time of Emile Weaver’s crime, she was an eight-minute walk from a police station. Yet, inexplicably, this young woman who held promise for the future is behind bars, serving a life sentence for the murder of her baby daughter, Addison Grace Weaver, born on 22nd April, 2015. The forensic numerological criminal profile of the case, focusing on both the mother and her deceased and heartlessly murdered baby daughter. Truly, a tragic family story.


Mohamed Atta 9/11 Hijackers

Mohamed Atta 9/11 Hijackers

There is scarcely a small child in the English speaking western world, particularly the United States of America, who does not recognize the name of Mohamed Atta. He made a name for himself that was horrifyingly notorious, as the ringleader of a 20 man terrorist group, the pilot who flew a hijacked plane laden with terrified passengers, into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Conversely, there would be many fundamentalist Islamics who revere the name of Mohamed Atta. To them, he goes down in history as a martyr, someone heroic not only to be admired but emulated. This book will show that, at least on the part of Atta and some others involved, this was not only politically/religiously motivated, but was an aircraft assisted suicide. A numerological criminal analysis and profile of all 20 suicide terrorists who carried out the 9/11 attacks, including the lone terrorist who helped coordinate the attacks from overseas, having failed to obtain a visa. He now is a prisoner of the United States government. Also, an analysis of two of the deceased victims of 9/11 chosen at random: one from the North Tower and one from the South Tower; Mark Bavis and Paul Acquaviva respectively. These analyses will serve to show that the victims of this horrendous attack had mathematical correlations on their charts corresponding to those on the charts of the men who killed them: the 9/11 terrorists. 18939343_cover-atta-9-11