Numerology Serial Killer Ted Bundy

Numerology Serial Killer Ted Bundy

The Numerological Analysis/Profile of the USA’s notorious serial lust murderer, necrophiliac and rapist who many believe was the worst of his kind. What was the numerological connection between the Chi Omega Florida sorority house murderous rampage and Ted Bundy’s chart? A numerologist of thirty-five years standing, Pamela Lillian Valemont offers an insight into what made this boyishly handsome young man into the infamous monster he became. Apart from mathematics to prove the numerical connections and correlations between Bundy’s chart and his crimes; by using Tarot Symbolism provided by the RWS Tarot Deck of 1901, Pamela for the first time unveils what is hidden in those pictorial representations as it applies to this serial killer, Ted Bundy. Pamela has come to believe that Waite and Smith who drew up the historical deck, must have themselves done research on this type of murderer, and she backs up this claim with a corresponding analysis of the 19th century serial killer, Frenchman Joseph Vacher.