Beauty Queen Murder: Nurse Anita Cobby


Beauty Queen Murder: Nurse Anita Cobby

When Anita was 26 years old, she was abducted from the western Sydney suburb of Blacktown, and tortured, raped and murdered at nearby Prospect, on the evening of the 2nd of February, 1986. Five men, including three brothers, were convicted of her murder and sentenced to life imprisonment, never to be released, without any possibility of parole. Anita’s fingers were broken, her bones dislocated, her nose and cheekbones fractured and finally her throat cut. The horrifically cruel murder of this lovely young nurse, known to be very kind and caring of her patients, caused so much outrage within Australia that tens of thousands of people subsequently campaigned for the reinstatement of capital punishment. The forensic numerological criminal analysis of the charts of the five young men responsible for this shockingly cruel crime: John Travers, Michael Murdoch, and the three Murphy brothers: Michael, Gary and Leslie. Also the numerological analysis of the chart of the lovely young victim, Anita Cobby.




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