Amber Hagerman

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One little nine year old girl, gone now for more than twenty years, her murderer still unknown and unfound, has been remembered better than most.  Her name was Amber Rene Hagerman.  Her memory stays uppermost in the minds of Americans, because her abduction and murder generated a revolution in the mode of police and media response to child abductions for the future.

In the days following the girl’s funeral, Diana Simone, a Fort Worth mom who had never met Amber, called a local radio station with an idea: If broadcasters can alert the public to severe weather, then why not do the same when a child is abducted?

“They were saying Amber was taken at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, thrown in a pickup truck and driven somewhere, and that nobody saw anything. I’m sorry, that’s not possible,” said Simone, now 71. “The problem was not that people didn’t see them, it’s that they didn’t know what they were seeing.”

Simone’s only request as the idea went from brainstorm to reality was that the resulting program bear Amber’s name.

“That she would be remembered always, and that what happened to her would be remembered always, so you don’t ignore the alerts,” Simone said.

Today, the Amber Alert Program is used across the nation and in more than 20 other countries. The warnings, which trigger sometimes-startling Smartphone notifications and are published on billboards and across social networks, have led to the rescue of nearly 800 missing kids, according to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

This is the numerological analysis of the victim Amber Hagerman. There is also a forensic numerological criminal profile on the prospective rapist/murderer. That is, a projection of the kind of killer we are looking for, the kind of man who could have approached Amber to abduct her; and this description is based on the Personal Year, 4-month Cycle, Month and Day Amber was passing through numerologically at the time of her abduction leading to her death.   Since Amber was violated and died during this period of time, we might regard her killer as the main influence on or a vital feature of her life at that point in time. A numerological analysis of her chart will tell us the kind of person who could have entered her life and made such a profoundly negative and permanent alteration to it.