The Fugitive: Kurt Sonnenfeld

An almost unbelievable story

Man gets charged with murdering his wife of ten years, they don’t have enough evidence to take the case to trial, so they let him go. Go he does. Straight to Argentina, where he fortuitously meets up with a lovely young woman who is active in international humanitarian affairs.

A little over a month later, they marry and produce two beautiful daughters, twin girls, front line in the armament of defense, who join with their mother in calling loudly for the Argentine government to prevent the extradition demands coming from overseas. Yes, the USA has now got their act together and is ready to prosecute and take the case to trial. They are after his ass, and he had better comply and get home ASAP.

But he doesn’t comply. Instead, he comes up with an unbelievable story. Well, an almost unbelievable story, that is. Drawing on his 9/11 service to his country as a photographer for the Federal Emergency Management Agency of the United States –  he declares that he has seen telling things that implicate the United States Government in the 9/11 attacks of 2001.

A numerological analysis of the case and its central players. The Fugitive: Kurt Sonnenfeld


2 thoughts on “The Fugitive: Kurt Sonnenfeld

  1. Absolutely true Jamoroki! A factual case. I just wanted to apply my talents as a forensic numerological criminal profiler to the case. Look up Kurt Sonnenfeld on Wikipedia.

  2. jamoroki says:

    Is this a true story or fiction Pamela?

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