Jonbenet Ramsey: The Home Team

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how unpalatable, how improbable – must be the truth. Sherlock Holmes said something very similar. It was his crime scene maxim. This is the numerological criminal profiling/analysis of the three Ramsey family members: John, Patsy and 9 year old Burke; all of whom were in the home with JonBenet the night the 6 year old child beauty pageant winner was killed sometime during the evening hours after Christmas Day, 1996. Their palatial residence at 755 15th Street, Boulder, Colorado soon became a crime scene, surrounded by “police line do not cross” defining tape. This is also an analysis of JonBenet as well as others who were considered persons of interest and peripheral to the crime: John Mark Karr, Michael Landon Helgoth, Gary Howard Oliva; all residents of Boulder. There is also an analysis of Michael Helgoth’s sister, Kimberly Dawn Helgoth who shares the same grave with her brother Michael, and who passed away one year after he did. Other persons of interest to the case, such as Jeff Merrick, who worked at Access Graphics and named by John Ramsey as a likely suspect, are given limited analysis, since I have not been able to obtain the full names or dates of birth for them. However, even given that limited analysis, some surprising results emerge. The name of the business itself and also the home address are analyzed numerologically for connections to the nature of the crime.    


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