Familicidal Fake: Scott Peterson



In the early morning hours of Wednesday, 17th March 2005, St. Patrick’s Day, Scott Lee Peterson arrived at San Quentin State Prison but he was not wearing green. He may have been a little green around the gills. He was reported not to have slept the night before, being too “jazzed” to sleep. He joined other inmates in California’s sole death row facility. His case is currently on automatic appeal to the Supreme Court of California in San Francisco. This is the forensic numerological criminal profile of Scott Lee Peterson and a forensic analysis of Laci and their unborn eight months son Conner whom he murdered and whose bodies he dumped in the cold waters of the San Francisco Bay on Christmas Eve 2002. Also, an analysis of Amber Frey, his clandestine lover who turned police informant and star witness for the prosecution when she discovered he was married and his pregnant wife was missing.

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