A Family Tragedy: Murder of Addison Weaver

A Family Tragedy: Murder of Addison Weaver

Emile Weaver, an intelligent and pretty 20 year old student who got where she was going in life due to talent, not wealth, “found herself in the family way” as they used to say in whispered undertones during the 1950’s. For Emile, the coming unwanted baby spelled the end to all her dreams at Muskingum University where she resided in prestigious style in the Delta Gamma Theta sorority house. Ohio has a Safe Haven law allowing mothers to leave their babies with on-duty representatives at a hospital, police station or fire station within 30 days of birth. At the time of Emile Weaver’s crime, she was an eight-minute walk from a police station. Yet, inexplicably, this young woman who held promise for the future is behind bars, serving a life sentence for the murder of her baby daughter, Addison Grace Weaver, born on 22nd April, 2015. The forensic numerological criminal profile of the case, focusing on both the mother and her deceased and heartlessly murdered baby daughter. Truly, a tragic family story.



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