Re Appeal Oscar Pistorius

People, please notice some important facts about this case. All numbers have positive and negative effects. However, take particular notice of the following: Judge Masipa is not only a Libran, the sign of the balanced scales of Justice, but she was born in ’47. This Master Number 47 is one of the Master 11= Justice numbers, (4+7=11) – the Master 11 equates with the Justice Card in the Tarot Deck, which shows the Roman Numeral XI =11. When you read my book, you will see that the surname “Pistorius” carries a Master 47/11 vibration in the English language. You will also see that the Master 47/11 is the Soul Number or value of the vowels in the full birth name of Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius. The word “Christian” carries a Master 47/11 vibration in the English language. At the time of the decision being handed down by Judge Masipa, Oscar was undergoing a Master 47/11 Personal Month. His Personal Year is 22/11/2013 – his last birthday = 39/3. Add the number 8 for his 8th Personal Month which began on the 22nd of August and ran to the 22nd of September, and you will arrive at the Master 47/11. (39+8=47/11). Furthermore, Oscar was in the Death Cycle, ruled by the 13th card in the Tarot Deck, the Death card, and mediated through the Master Number 47, at the time of his incarceration as a result of being found guilty of culpable homicide. The cycle he is currently in, at time of writing, ruling the last four months leading up to his birthday on the 22nd of November, 2014 shows this. The Number 13/4 is mediated through the last two digits in bold type, which is the Master 47/11.

2013 – Oscar’s last birthday before incarceration
34+ Soul or value of the vowels in the name Oscar Pistorius
2047= 13/4

So, you see, it doesn’t matter one bit what anyone else says about this verdict; clearly, Judge Masipa was the one meant to take this case, in a higher, heavenly court of law, and she brought down the correct verdict. The rest of the explanation for the verdict is in the book: the Master 38/11 connection numerologically is there linking Roux, Masipa and Oscar. Words like “prayer” and “winner” have the Master 38/11 vibration in the English language.

An appeal was reportedly lodged on 4th November, 2014. This date is only 18 days before Oscar’s birthday. I would think that, unless the actual outcome of the appeal falls before Oscar’s birthday on 22nd November, 2014, the appeal will not be upheld. Things seem to be getting better for Oscar after his next birthday in 2014, not worse. Because of the short time frame between date of lodgement and things getting better for Oscar after 22nd November, 2014, this would indicate that, at least in regard to the culpable homicide conviction, the appeal will be dismissed. That decision will not be overturned and changed to a murder conviction.

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